Our Vision is to create and implement a personalised approach to colorectal cancer screening to reduce the number of new cases and deaths.

We will do this by bringing new evidence to existing screening pathways, and ensuring the best use of health resources.  We have formed a team of experts in clinical and non-clinical sciences:

(a) to develop the first personalised colorectal cancer risk tool that incorporates all known genetic, pathology, family history, lifestyle factors and personal characteristics, and

(b) to develop proven methods for implementing these tools into clinical practice.

Meet our Team

Professor Mark Jenkins

Professor Jenkins is the Director of the Centre for Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the Melbourne School of Population & Global Health, Uni...

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Associate Professor Marie Pirotta

Associate Professor Marie Pirotta is a general practitioner and an NHMRC research fellow at the Department of General Practice, University of Melbo...

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Professor Jon Emery

Professor Jon Emery is the foundation Herman Professor of Primary Care Cancer Research at the University of Melbourne and Western Health, within th...

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Professor Ingrid Winship

Professor Ingrid Winship is the Executive Director of Research for Melbourne Health and the Chair of Adult Clinical Genetics at The University of M...

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Professor Finlay Macrae AO

Professor Finlay Macrae AO, MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCP, AGAF, MWGO is Principal Fellow and  Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne,...

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Professor John Hopper AM

Professor John Hopper AM was one of the nine inaugural Australia Fellows awarded by NHMRC in 2007 and is currently a NHMRC Senior Principal Researc...

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Associate Professor Alex Boussioutas

Associate Professor Boussioutas is an academic gastroenterologist working in the field of gastrointestinal oncology.

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Professor Graham Giles

Professor Graham Giles joined in the Cancer Council of Victoria in 1983 as the Director of the Victorian Cancer Registry and became the Director of...

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Professor James Bishop

Professor Jim Bishop is the founding Executive Director and Chair, Cancer Research Advisory Committee of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre....

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